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27.04.2013 - 25.05.2013

Installation in situ by Gauthier Oushoorn. Work by Michel De Meyer, Marina Herbst, Marie Snauwaert & Lauren von Gogh, Lisa Spilliaert and Brad Tinmouth. Publication with contributions by Taco Hidde Bakker, Daniel Barroca, Brad Feuerhelm, Kevin Kelly, Lucas Soi, Brad Tinmouth, Robert Urquhart, Philippe Wolthuis and others.

foundfootage.be is an online platform, on which different types of ‘found’ material are brought together. This material can be contributed by anyone, by artists but also from everyday sources. On our website we use subjective selection criteria. Rheum is an experiment towards a possible vision on this practice.

Found footage is commonly associated with a respectful, sometimes even nostalgic attitude towards found material; valued because of the particularity of the find or a love for materiality. A box with glass-negatives found on the attic for example. We don’t reject this mentality, but we tried to leave it out of consideration.

This has led to an attitude where the ‘found’ in found footage doesn’t stand for the excitement of finding something, but rather for the tension between materiality and authorship or authenticity. Surely, through appropriation some part of the original author’s control disappears.

In the appreciation of ‘footage’ materiality and visual fetishism are of little importance. We select material on what it represents or in the way it may comment our practice. For instance, images without a noteworthy maker can become documentaries when brought together.

Formal aesthetics that are usually associated with found footage, like those of glitch or the vernacular, are rather avoided than pursued. PS: Robert Urquhart explains in an essay (Rheum pg. 36) why glitch is a difficult phenomenon.

In the publication Rheum you will find, in an experimental form, the results of this position as well as the thought process that led to these results. The unusual index-structure in this book, in which content never directly refers to an author, is an expression of this attitude.


foundfootage.be is an online-based platform that invites people to exhibit hidden, forgotten or lost material that has been denied an audience. It provides a stage to present this footage and allow it to be seen.

This material is not limited to imagery, it can also be auditive or textual. A note of importance: the aim of this site is not to focus on the artistic use of found footage. Contributions will therefore not present themselves as excerpts of larger bodies of work, but as stand-alone presentations of found material. Contributions are open to everybody and are certainly not limited to people working with found footage. It may reveal an artist's unexposed collection that is gathering dust in the archive files, but also footage surfacing from daily sources.

The site consists of a growing list of contributors. Every entry is entirely composed on a single page, designed to the format of the content. We work together with the contributors to find the best possible way to present the footage.

foundfootage.be is mainly represented online but also exists in the form of an installation and periodical publications of contributed material. Publications will be made of the amount of material contributed, but will not necessarily be a one to one translation of the work presented online. Expect additional writing, curatorships, different formats and layouts per issue, depending on the nature and possibilities of the collected material.

A project by Max Pinckers, Bence Bakker, Jeroen Lambertyn, Michiel Burger and Sam Weerdmeester.